Doc – RIP

Doc – RIP

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This page is dedicated to Doc, our Miniature Schnauzer who we brought into our family on Dec. 23, 2004. Doc was a well-mannered puppy, he had a confident demeanor that helped him gain the respect of other dogs three times his size. He mastered many tricks, and he liked playing baseball & football, swimming and hiking. I would tell him the Red Sox should hire him, and that he would make Tom Brady proud.

In the last few months of his life, Doc suffered from small seizures he had hidden from us. We became very concerned about his health when we saw him walk in a counter-clockwise circle around our backyard tree. Sadly, the muscular damage from his massive seizures he later suffered, and a breakdown of his digestive track became too much to bare. Sadly, his body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients it needed to sustain itself. Doc passed on November 3, 2013, an early Sunday morning at home with his caring family.

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I applaud my wife Kim for stabilizing Doc after his seizures, being proactive after he took his final breath. She devoted much quality-time attending to his every need during the final eight days of his illness, he loved her very much, Kim has a heart of gold.

Writing this page has been cathartic for both of us, knowing that others might be feeling the same. To our surprise, a few weeks after Doc passed, Kim found a Miniature Schnauzer on Pet Finder. After debating for days whether it was too soon to bring another dog into our family, we traveled to the MSPCA and adopted Mimi, she needed us as much as we needed her. In our situation, it was the right decision. Mimi is not into sports like Doc was, but she is a very fast runner, her unique personality is sweet and thoughtful, she has lots of potential.

Please read The Rainbow Bridge

Kim and I were talking about the Gold Star Parents who lost their children in war, hospitals that are filled with kids who have neurological issues, we know they carry a much heavier weight than we do, we can only imagine how their parents feel.

I reflect on a scene from the movie Seven Years in Tibet, seeing how the Buddhist monks carefully transferred the earthworms from the ground, prior to building a movie theater for the young Dalai Lama. I applied that same principal to my life, rescuing little bugs that somehow managed to wander indoors, by gently picking them up and placing them safely outdoors. Throughout his short nine years, we also gave Doc the kindness and respect he deserved. Rest in peace Doc, your true friendship will always be remembered.

Download Doc’s Ringtone for iPhone and Android

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