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Barrow Alaska Radio

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Barrow Alaska Radio

Barrow Alaska Radio NORTHERN EXPOSURE – Learning about a new culture while listening to Barrow Alaska radio online can be good fun. KBRW in Barrow broadcasts from the northern tip of Alaska, 10,000 watts at 680 AM and 91.9 FM. As an NPR affiliate they play music blocks mixed with local programming. Aircheck: http://goo.gl/8pl515                   In Barrow, the sun shines bright 24 hours a day in the summertime, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon for 65 days during the winter...

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Hit by Sound Waves

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Hit by Sound Waves

Doppler Sound Waves, Made in America, Ran Me Over. I was recently reading a book while lying in bed when a big honker of a Harley motorcycle drove past, left to right. I didn’t even hear it coming until it was directly in front of our house. I’ve often been told I have ears like Radar O’Reilly from the TV show M*A*S*H, so this took me completely by surprise. Suddenly, I could feel the Harley’s deep, powerful rumble sweep past me like a wave of sound as though it was driving through my body from head to toe. The entire...

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Podcasting 101

Posted by on Friday, January 9, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Podcasting 101

When it comes to podcasting, much credit should go to Adam Curry who developed the concept years ago. I have my current favorites, No Agenda, John Batchelor Show, Tech Guy, DH Unplugged, Business Design Podcast, and Congressional Dish. Occasionally I’ll visit platforms like Sea Change Radio, Everything Sounds, Atlantic Public Media, and Radiotopia. These sites are giving NPR style indy producers a renewed documentary voice. Here’s a report about podcasting on BBC Global News from 1/9/15. To have your podcast produced, try...

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Streaming Audio

Posted by on Monday, January 5, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

As you know, outside the radio spectrum you’ll still have to deal with royalty fees, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc. For streaming, LIVE365 is a strong contender, it’s all inclusive. They compensate the artists through your subscription fees, and they even have a mobile app. In general, downloadable music podcasts are a grey area, many services scan your file waveforms to their data base, violators will be gently warned until the songs are removed. With LIVE 365, the key is to set-up a dedicated PC that contains all of your audio files,...

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Bluetooth 3.0 AM/FM Radio

Posted by on Sunday, August 3, 2014 in Blog, Gear | 0 comments

Lately I’ve been searching for a new wireless radio for my long hikes. It’s a radio that hasn’t been built yet. A small, portable AM/FM radio that utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 and doesn’t require a smartphone contract. I found a Bluetooth 3.0 adapter which is good for playing a smartphone into your car radio console with a 1/4 inch plug. I also found a Sony ZSBTY50 boombox and a Sony ICFCS2OBT clock radio both are very unique since they come with a built in FM/AM tuner. I’m looking for a throwback to a small...

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Ringtone on your iPhone

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How to Make a Ringtone for an iPhone Here are simple instructions on how to create your own personal ringtone for your iPhone. Like all projects, these things take practice, repetition is always the best teacher. To get started, open iTunes on your PC, click on the Edit tab, then go to Preferences. Be sure the Tones box is checked, then click the Import Settings box to set the AAC Encoder to iTunes Plus. Click OK and go back to the main Music page on iTunes. In the upper left, go to to File, then Add File to Library. This is where we add...

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ZONA Statistics – 1/12/15

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ZONA-Spirit of the West Country Streams TLH United States 119 60:18 Switzerland 12 45:58 Canada 20 16:22 Mexico 15 11:59 Netherlands 20 9:53 Germany 5 5:58 Spain 9 3:35 Poland 15 2:52 United Kingdom 7 2:42 Finland 4 2:15 Denmark 1 1:02 New Caledonia 6 0:51 Belarus 2 0:17 France 1 0:07 New Zealand 1 0:04 Trinidad and Tobago 2 0:03 Taiwan 2 0:02 Greece 2 0:01 Saudi Arabia 1 0:00 Philippines 1 0:00 Brazil 1 0:00 Chile 1 0:00 Argentina 1 0:00 Italy 1 0:00 Totals: 249 164:31 +++ Cities States Streams TLH Detroit MI 6 7:23 Pittsburgh MD, PA,...

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Doc – RIP

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This page is dedicated to Doc, our Miniature Schnauzer who we brought into our family on Dec. 23, 2004. Doc was a well-mannered puppy, he had a confident demeanor that helped him gain the respect of other dogs three times his size. He mastered many tricks, and he liked playing baseball & football, swimming and hiking. I would tell him the Red Sox should hire him, and that he would make Tom Brady proud. In the last few months of his life, Doc suffered from small seizures he had hidden from us. We became very concerned about his health...

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Old Smartphones

Posted by on Saturday, April 28, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Last week, I finally upgraded my old smartphone.  Since the upgrade, I discovered that everything still works on my old phone, including all of the video and audio apps like DAR.FM, Spotify, TuneIn and Live365, they still work because of the phones Wi-Fi capabilities, minus the phone service.  If you have outside speakers wired to a standard amplifier, just connect your old cell phone into the tuner from the headphone jack using a stereo cable.  Verizon offered me $7 for my outdated cell phone, to me it is worth much more as a back-up...

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Bob Saget Interview

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Bumper Morgan interviews multi-talented Bob Saget who performed at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on July 8, 2011. Listen to the interview   http://www.bumpermorgan.com/bump-saget-060711.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window |...

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Shop Therapy

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Here’s the latest from Shop Therapy...

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Best Headphones

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I’ve been wearing the American made Koss Pro-4AA headphones since 1977.  I carry them in my equipment bag, they’re built strong to take the abuse we toss around in the studio.  They sound great and come with a lifetime warranty.  The wires can get stripped, ear pads deflated and worn out over time.  To redeem your warranty, simply box up your headphones and send them to Koss in Milwaukee with a check for $6.00 to cover shipping costs.  Within a few weeks, you’ll receive a new pair of headphones in the mail.  I own 3...

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