Bumper Morgan is an award winning Creative Services/Production Director who specializing in voiceovers, radio promos, sweepers, imaging, voice tracking, video tutorials, produced podcast intros/outros, podcast editing.

Bump! Imaging: Death Valley Jim
Bump! Imaging: Hot 24/7 TOH
Bump! Imaging: Country Reel
Bump! Imaging: Sample Reel
Bump! Imaging: Oldies Reel
Bump! Imaging: KVSL
Bump! Imaging WMOM
Bump! Imaging Da Bomb
Bump! Imaging: Krash Kelly

Bump! Spots: McDonalds
Bump! Spots: CBCC
Bump! Spots: Cheech and Chong
Bump! Spots: Stange Law
Bump! Spots: Harley-Davidson
Bump! Spots: Yuengling Beer
Bump! Spots: Demo Reel
Bump! Spots: Ziggy Marley
Bump! Spots: ATL Colors
Bump! Spots: Steamers
Bump! Spots: 3D Cinemation
Bump! Spots: Kaleidoscope Toys
Bump! Spots: Among Thorns
Bump! Spots: Crocker Nurseries
Bump! Spots: Ring Brothers
Bump! Spots: Brazos Cellular

Bump! Airchecks: WFRQ
Bump! Airchecks: The Wave
Bump! Airchecks: WGFX
Bump! Airchecks: Bob Saget Interview
Bump! Airchecks: Eddie Money Interview
Bump! Airchecks: 13Q
Bump! Airchecks: WGCL

Bumper Morgan even produces video for social media.


Bumper Productions
(508) 306-1060
Boston, MA